Ginger side effects and who should never use it Contraindications and Diseases Due to Ginger Consumption

Introduction Of Don’t Consume Ginger Contraindications and Diseases Due to Ginger Consumption

Don’t Consume Ginger Contraindications and Diseases Due to Ginger Consumption. Where you can be part of this beautiful community well then said is a greeting here to Mercedes corona Jaime Trujillo Patricia Rodriguez labia domínguez he calls Perez Flavio hernández angela lópez Christina maría payán does not always present everyone you guys a big hug from Mexico chihuahua texas bolivia Beni bolivia me Albania says skillfully from Sucre from Argentina from Colombia Panama happy here they greet me from California Ecuador Italy Belgium etcetera etcetera etcetera so don’t forget to leave your questions your comments we will respond as you watch the video because ginger has become so famous in recent years.

It turns out that ginger is an herb a tuber actually

It turns out that ginger is an herb a tuber actually which is a root that was extracted or brought, let’s say like that, from the east of all that It is India and China, the Chinese and Hindus use it to place it on their meals to grant at some point you are taken for example eaten with your and with his ginger because they have been consuming it and he knows it from ginger and millennia ago they have known what they are for they know how it is used what are its benefits what exactly are its benefits and its contraindications ginger is used for joint pain to improve memory to improve circulation to improve even the diabetes.

But it has its contraindications so first ginger contraindication does not consume ginger if you have high blood pressure precisely the ginger raises it and obviously, if you have low pressure should consume it so that the pressure rises and it is a place where you need it if you have heart problems low-pressure poor circulation any type of condition that has to do with high blood pressure, do not eat ginger, listen to me, I know many people who many times take a supplement that they think is healthy and is healthy who take an excessive amount and obviously after a month They are that they no longer know what to do their body.


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That is going out for the airs to fly with a pressure that cannot be controlled with the heart that fatigue and throbbing because the ginger caused them to harm so when you consume a home remedy remember it always has its pros and it has its cons just as conventional normal medicine has more cons than pros natural medicine has more pros than cons but it also has them so very important here I have a question and three people who have just been me say Patricia Martinez asks me, doctor, yesterday precisely I made a tea of grated ginger and after taking it I felt very hot, very hot it will be that is normal dear Patricia I do not know how old you are but it would be check if you are not with hormonal changes reaching maybe 50 between 40 and 50 if that is the case he has already passed 50.

The hormonal change is causing the ginger to turn on your hot flashes

It may be that the hormonal change is causing the ginger to turn on your hot flashes and hot flashes that one can feel that may be a reason and should be analyzed very important second way or second way or second when you shouldn’t have ginger don’t remember first is blood pressure second bleeding women every month they have bleeding the man has bleeding when he cuts when he has a wound when you have something that can cause bleeding, be careful not to you should consume ginger on those days where there is bleeding because the ginger is an anticoagulant when you take an aspirin for example which is an anticoagulant.

The same does ginger if you are consuming ginger you will have a lot of difficulties so you can heal a wound if you have diabetes for example you will have a lot of Difficulties for the wound can heal due to the lack of factors precisely coagulation and the same happens for women who are with menstruation problems maybe they are bleeding too much or are just at the stage they should not consume ginger and take free I took ginger in those moments bleeding anyway no ginger always remember. Read More About Don’t Consume Ginger Contraindications and Diseases Due to Ginger Consumption.

That never ginger in a sacred here I have another product and decent that they end To pass, Sandra Hernández asks me, doctor, I suffer from pressure and taking ginger I feel that it hurts me, will that be true, totally dear sandra the pressure rises with the ginger if you have high blood pressure do not take if you have low pressure if you take it there yes you can take it I have pressure low I drink it is free and the pressure is perfect I feel like a glenda bull quiñones asks me doctor I love ginger but I can’t drink in tea because my stomach burns and I breathe hot, why is that? Dear Glenda Nailed It Third Moment Third Time I Don’t Know you can consume ginger now.

What it is when there is stomach pain gastritis digestion problems

What it is when there is stomach pain gastritis digestion problems ginger has a very powerful ingredient and that has been recognized throughout the world as a truly ingredient healthy for many things in natural medicine and curiously that ingredient is called ginger all or ginger on if you want that ginger all is such a strong antioxidant that when one consumes it in large concentrations and by the way many people are used to it to consume ginger think that the more ginger you are going to consume they should be true, you must always take the home remedies then if you are going to take a home remedy like ginger always take.

It was less concentrated more water I feel like they say in other countries so that they do not fall and do not make your stomach sick be careful with gastritis watch out for ulcers watch out for heartburn watch out for digestive problems ginger should be consumed very lightly on those occasions or do not consume them completely if you do not have pressure problems you do not have bleeding problems do not have digestive problems can consume it without any problem ginger is healthy for many things and let’s talk just about that right now maria Colom asks me maria Colom ask good afternoon doctor I suffer from hypothyroidism or slow thyroid or tired hair loss.

It swells everything up and when I drink ginger tea I feel like I strain if my body becomes very heavy what will be the reason thank you very much dear maría you should see your pressure should see if you are not suffering from pressure high could be a case and that when you take the ginger the pressure that the body throws it to the floor be careful with that it can be a cause andrés and Trejo Palacios ask me, doctor, good afternoon because the ginger should not be consumed I consume a lot of ginger when my throat chew ginger pieces and it’s wonderful what is your contraindication good andrés and ginger already knows it is harmful when there is high pressure.

When there are digestive problems and when there are bleeding problems

When there are digestive problems and when there are bleeding problems now what is andrés for and what does the doctor tell me but it’s good and it’s great if andrés and just look at you do something for it that works when there is a throat infection when everyone’s problem when there are bacteria to use the guava leaf or for For example, in ginger, it makes it possible for you to clean the throat and clean infections that is what the second ginger is for the common use of ginger joint pain is fabulous for reducing inflammation lowers inflammation in the body releases pain articulate in the joints all that is arthritis osteoarthritis problems of bone and joint pain improves even better.

If consumed base with for example turmeric or calcium house the fighter well extra flex contains glucosamine and can be found by doctor landívar dotcom third use of ginger that became famous and that the Greeks used precisely for their population which was to remove nausea from pregnant women if you have a pregnant person at home use ginger in that morning sickness that you want to throw up and feel bad Give him a little bit of ginger, don’t give him concentrates, no need, no think that because more are taken more effect does that is not true there is always a balance there is a balance for it to take effect and for it to harm so.

If you are pregnant you are nauseated a little bit of ginger a little ginger tea just now they are consuming large amounts in jugs there will not be good for you, it can even do you a lot of damage the same happens with melatonin, for example, there are people who say no doctor I bought a 10-milligram melatonin and it did not make me obvious I take so much so that the body already prescribed it, he just put it aside completely, he does not want to know you have to start with per tiny one milligram 1.5 milligrams 2 milligrams 3 milligrams but 10 is outrageous so you know the remedies homemade balanced ginger balanced.

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