Don’t Eat Diet Or Diet Foods This Happens When You Eat Light Foods

Introduction Of Don’t Eat Diet Or Diet Foods This Happens When You Eat Light Foods

Don’t Eat Diet Or Diet Foods This Happens When You Eat Light Foods. What are the reasons and what are the foods that one has to choose for that one can improve one’s health because it is not just any food when one goes to the supermarket and shopping will realize that many times the packaging is deception and flex predicted in the country true deception flex because they deceive one with a phrase but in reality, that phrase does not tell the whole truth it says the half-truth and thus make us believe that we are taking a product home That ends up hurting us by doing so, so be very careful, do not wear light, no Take diet don’t take fat-free wheelchair I went to your house because it’s not a good choice first reason why you shouldn’t bring your Garfield fritz It turns out that if.

I eat a fruit as a piece of maybe a serving of rice

I eat a fruit as a piece of maybe a serving of rice or as a piece of meat that naturally has sugar naturally It has fat I am not going to invent a sugar-free fruit because the fruit has its sugar its fructose the apple has its apple fructose the pineapple has its pineapple fructose and not because it has that sugar means that it will hurt me It will depend a lot on how I am eating so that it truly makes me good or it hurts me and the same happens with meat I see it happens with fat we need sugar we need fat to be healthy and if we remove the fat and sugar from our meals we are going to get a sick first reason why I should not consume sugar fritz It turns out that all those products are given aspartame that.


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We split them an artificial sweetener that makes us think to us that we are consuming sugar gives flavor to food and by the way an unpleasant taste because it is an artificial I hate aspartame I can’t even see it and that aspartame which is What does it do? It turns out that it was invented to relieve headaches in patients and calm gastritis and discovered that the expert dies sweet and instead of giving it to patients as medication they put it in the food now daily in quantity to all that fried place is bought in the supermarket so don’t buy sugar don’t buy products that are free of sugar, don’t do it, we are not going to go here in the light that.

It is clear that it is very yellow and be the very careful first point then it is a medication it is a drug what they put in that food is a drug and it turns out that with experiments to be able to approve it efe to test aspartame in the food they saw that the mice created brain tumors neurological brain tumors that then they ended up killing those little mice, the mice don’t give it to them but men, if they give it to them and put it in their food so no buy sugar-free, don’t buy sugar fit don’t do it ok here I have a question interesting that just happened to me, we are going to answer that question. 34 57 he asks me, author, I have bought myself as I compute.

That consumed sweeteners produce memory damage recently

I have verified that consumed sweeteners produce memory damage recently as is dear that when one consumes those foods that are sugar-free they are sure that you have aspartame be sure you have Splenda be sure you have all kinds of things harmful to the brain and ends up doing damage to the memory hurting the brain hurting our commission so do not consume your profile second reason why you should not consume all that you say light or diet turns out to be that people think that by consuming fat they have gotten into our heads that when we eat fat it makes us damage to health that is not true the fat has two types of fats the amount of the kinds of fats are living two guys the good fat that does well to the body does well to the heart is good for the liver is good for digestion and bad fat. Read More Don’t Eat Diet Or Diet Foods This Happens When You Eat Light Foods.

That saturated fat is the fat that can often cause harm if you are going to buy a piece of meat there are two types of meat you can buy the meat you comes with healthy fats from healthy grass-fed beef like genetically had the cow for thousands of years feed on grass or the cow grain-fed grain-fed makes a different fat hurts you the fat to the person and is eating a harmful thing happens do not buy fat-free do not buy products that are fat-free because you need the fat to be able to produce cholesterol there are people who think today I have high cholesterol I have to stop consuming fat it is not true it completely otherwise starts consuming healthy fat oil fish and it will lower cholesterol is more doctors today already know and what used in hospitals give fish fat to patients because they lower cholesterol.

So don’t make the mistake of buying fat-free is not something it should be done like coconut oil take linseed oil olive oil avocado all that serves as fat and not the terrible fat that we can consume as vegetable oils is the oil for shaving that is not due eat so be very careful do not buy fat-free is not a good idea here I have another question interests I have just happened she tells me Karla mandys asks me, author, what do you think of stevia dear Carla stevia is good the problem is that people are going to buy stevia at the supermarket and the package says to be very big but tiny little next to the stevia says with so little and stevia great then the person reaches.

We are taking our house and consuming thinking

The supermarket sees the package that says stevia and takes it home but no read the label and the label says with little stevia big and back is full of aspartame Splenda toxins sweetener is all kinds of crap that we are taking our house and consuming thinking that we are doing well careful with those things that are super free careful with those things Let them be fat-free it will not hurt them it will be a good number 4 third benítez er contraindication or fourth turns out to be that people think that by not consuming fat and not consuming sugar they will lose weight and buy diet serious error is already scientifically proven to people It likes me to say scientifically and little.

But because it is scientifically real It is proven that the person who consumes products that are fat-free on all when they contain sweeteners like aspartame Splenda NutraSweet and other brands end up getting fatter than people who consume the normal natural sugar from the fruit the normal natural sugar maybe of brown sugar cane and limited in sugar but not consuming the products that have a section to spoil the metabolism, be very careful with fast food lousy terrible damage beware.

That says diet means beware danger damage do not eat do not buy do not consume do not take home do not because it is not a very good idea and the fifth problem of having and consuming and fat-free or diet or the light turns out to be that it causes cancer in the births it causes cancer the problems below with the healthy low-fat cause later problems of cholesterol clogged arteries heart problems circulation all through a problem of wanting to improve health in a simple way a good diet and without really doing what you have to do a good diet a good exercise.

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