Feet Pain Never Again Advanced Techniques To Eliminate Foot Pain Causes And Solutions

Introduction Of Feet Pain Never Again Advanced Techniques To Eliminate Foot Pain Causes And Solutions

Feet Pain Never Again Advanced Techniques To Eliminate Foot Pain Causes And Solutions. There is an inflammation there is a swelling that’s the same inflammation that happens in our feet in our legs our ankles when we are during the day from standing and putting a little pressure on the foot starts an inflammation that in the past we did not have but today when we are older than age suddenly above 30 40 we began to suffer then the first cause of foot pain is inflammation and how it is done to reduce it very easy you have to eliminate foods that can inflame the body then it can be dairy, wheat or everything bread pasta dough cakes cookies foods like nuts.

It can cause inflammation and for others

That many times for some people it can cause inflammation and for others, it does not and food goes from there processed the Doritos the potatoes the much salt that we can consume daily causes us inflammation causes us irritation causes us retention of liquids so eliminate food first and then have something to decrease inflammation something for example like turmeric something like final parking house something like celery that you can consume every day in the form of juice something like carrot juice or even a good salad that will help reduce inflammation or multi-dimming of Freeland containing more than 42 fruit and vegetable extracts help against inflammation.

So very important first reduce the inflammation and then find out how you are going to reduce foot pain and annoyance that we can have every day when we are at work in the home or doing any activity here I have another interesting question that They just passed Marca Paz asks me doctor I have diabetes and sometimes I feet hurt a lot at night during the day etc. and doctors do not they find nothing but I really feel a lot of pain that I can do very good question dear Marta and also that in addition to a problem of inflammation may come a problem of nerve damage with diabetes with high blood pressure with a circulatory problem damages the nerves with a lack of vitamins to feed.


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The nerves damage the nerves then if your feet hurt if you bother and go to the doctor and the doctor tells you that you have nothing but you feel you have and the doctor, perhaps due to lack of knowledge, does not tell him that you probably have nerve damage drink something nerve damage repair nerves now because later a neuropathy nerve damage is very hard to correct very difficult to fix so takes that something like the neuro matrix defile I took the circular house.

Everything that will help reduce inflammation will improve damage nervously

I took the meta glucose define everything that will help reduce inflammation will improve damage nervous and your foot pain will improve so do your best to correct the sugar but correct the black problem very very important and here I have another interesting question that they asked me here in a video Elena Elmer asks me doctor work stand up every day and at the end of the day I feel excruciating pain you think that compression stockings can help and work dear Elena very good point foot pain can also be a problem of circulation as well as there is a problem of inflammation can be a problem of neuropathy but it can also be a circulation problem and standing obviously.

A long time ago that all the blood we have in the body you lower your feet and you cannot circulate well, you have to sit down, you have to raise your feet using compression stockings may help but I suggest that you do your best to treat the two other things I just talked about inflammation and damage to the nerves that are very very important so take something like the rainbow de Finland by jean flow is specifically designed to enhance the inflammation and poor circulation varicose veins foot problems.

That can arise due to a very very important circulation problem here I have another interesting question what happened to me they tell me jade pm ask for true I do not know how to lay down the video and visit the channel of what works Lascaux to dp asks me author I work sitting every day and after stopping me costs you a lot and it hurts what could I do dear hadi need you to do more exercise I need to be an exercise I need to be lifting the feet needs to deflate the feet because sitting prevents that all the blood that is in the feet circulates is the heart to the body and it can be circulated and improve your blood so very important physical activity exercise things every day.

It is practically impossible to have good health

We all should practice without that it is impossible to have good health understand what without it exercise without physical activity it is practically impossible to have good health here I have another question that they asked me tells me alma castró asks me the doctor is there a home remedy for corns because they are killing me and they are breaking their feet and they won’t let me walk dear soul, you have to see that their problem is not an immune problem that is not a problem many times of inflammation of the feet.

That later gives calluses and causes the problem so cut down on inflammatory foods cut down on milk cut down on wheat take something for the thyroid that the thyroid is going to be moistening on the feet to moisten the soles of your feet and those pipes will gradually disappear.

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