Hypnosis for erectile dysfunction: Causes and treatment


Well it’s the topic that many men stay away from talking about or understandably challenged when they have to talk about it.

Erectile dysfunction is essentially defined as “difficulty or inability to obtain or maintain an erection suitable for intercourse”.

Like other sexual dysfunction this condition becomes more common with age. sex can be important within relationships. A erectile dysfunction often carries with it emotional and psychological stigma.

In both males and females sexual activity involved a sequence of events pulled the sexual response cycle. This cycle has four phases,

  1. Excitement plateau: During the excitement phase, muscle tension, heart rate and blood flow to the genitals increases in males. This is called an erection. when these reached the maximum level, it’s called the plateau phase.
  2. Orgasm: the accumulated sexual tension gets released during orgasm, causing a ejaculation in males.
  3. Resolution: immediately after orgasm comes the resolution phase where the body slowly returns to it’s original, an excited state.

all right let’s take a closer look at the penis, which is made of three layers of cylindrical bodies:

The corpus spongy that surrounds the now you’re a throw and the two core pour a cavernosa made of a reptile tissue. The corporate capture notes a a wrapped in a fibrous coke called the tunia albugenia and each corpusit’s kind of a newsome is made up of blood filled spaces called the capture, no social spaces. These areas are lined with endothelial cells, surrounded by smooth muscle running down the center of each corpus capture know some is a large artery called that artery which gives off smaller arteries that supply the cavern of souls spaces. Next blood gets drained from these spaces by small emissary veins, which drain into the deep dorsal veins then carries the blood back into the systemic circulation now.

The penis received both somatic and autonomic innervation through the cavernous nerves, which innervate both the corpus bungee of some and the core pour a cavernous you can remember the functions of these fibers with the mnemonic point and shoot point is the erection and is caused by p or parasympathetic fibers shoot. Is it jackie, gleason and the s stands for sympathetic

now an erection can happen in two ways: either by physical stimulation of the penis or genitals called a reflex erection or by becoming emotionally stimulated by of thought called psychogenic. correction in both cases, the parasympathetic nerve fibers in the cavernous, those spaces release a sequel colin from their nerve. Endings the acetylcholine bind to moscow, renege receptors on endothelial cells, which activates the nitric oxide synthesis. Nitric oxide synthesis converts. The amino acid are janine into centrally in and nitric oxide the, nitric oxide diffuses into the nearby smooth muscle cells and activate schoollet cyclists, which converts g t p molecules into c g m p. This leads to a fall in intracellular calcium levels, causing the smooth muscles to relax and allowing the cavernous spaces to expands till with the blood. The corporate capture know so grow in size and compress the veins making it harder for blood to leave with more blood coming in, but very little blood leaving. The penis can maintain an erection erectile dysfunction, leads to an inability to develop and maintain a full or action causes include psychological ones, like stress performance, anxiety and depression in addition. There are a number of physiological causes as well.

The most common physiologic cause for erectile dysfunction is an inadequate blood supply due to atherosclerosis and blood vessel damage from hypertension atherosclerosis is caused by the build up a vast common plaques that can harden arteries supplying the penis, which makes it difficult for them to dilate hypertension causes, wear and tear in the end, the thiel you’ll cells and decreases their ability to produce nitric oxide. Another condition that can alsocause damage to the arteries is diabetes. Mellitushigh glucose levels can cause highly an arterial sclerosis in the small arterials and the penisthis is where the arterial walls develop highly and deposits, which makes.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Well erectile dysfunction in terms of diagnosing can be challenging because it is multifactorial and sometimes we don’t even ever really find true cause but there are some certainly known causes or atleast increased risk for Erectile dysfunction.

  • Medications: These can often cause problems with erectile function, specifically medications that treat blood pressure or mood disorders are linked very often to this side effects of medication. man find that had no issues with erectile function until they started that new medication to manage their blood pressure or to help with depression and all of sudden now erectile dysfunction has appeared in their life.

Other causes for erectile dysfunction can be disease states, most commonly diabetes.

  • Diabetes often will lead to erectile dysfunction, as well as a whole host of other potential problems.
  • Neurological: diseases, spinal cord injury can lead or at least contribute to erectile dysfunction.
  • Obesity: which is very prevelent unfortunately in United States today, has been linked to higher incidence of erectile.
  • Heart disease: there’s definitely a link between heart disease and erectile dysfunction. actually occasionally man might present complaining of erectile dysfunction but as they begin to go through evaluation, it could uncover some underlying heart disease that needs to be attention.
  • Others: drug use, marijuana use specifically, alcoholism, all these things have shown to have increase in erectile dysfunction.

The most common reason is in psychology. for example, anxiety, stress during work related problems. all of them were problematic when you go to your relatives.


There are baseline testing that would be helpful. Testosterone is one that often implicated and so getting testosterone baseline level can’t hurt. As well lipid profile and cholesterol looking at overall heart health and vascular health is important to establish baseline.


Limiting some lifestyle choices that are bad in other words cutting out tobacco use, limiting alcohols and drug use. These can be helpful but exercise can be helpful. So weight loss, controlling your weight, improving diet. They don’t hurt erectile function and often they will help.

Psychological or Hypnotherapy Treatment

Hypnosis for erectile dysfunction improves metabolic rate, relieves stress and promotes, strengthens been stationed in male organ. It hasn’t variety of causes which can be broadly divided into two categories: physical and psychological in general perception, psychological causes or non existent, which is completely wrong.

Psychological causes are, in fact, more common causes of ed than physical ones counseling and skills. Training are generally recommended as waves how to treat cycliststo a town dysfunctionbut. In many cases, these do not provide desired. Result in problem continues to trouble mail. There are different types of psychological causes that affect male potency identification, of exact causes, firststep to cure psychological or at times this function effectively and quicklyhere’s. A list of causes that can trigger or aggravated due to psychological issues.

Stress is one of the commonest causes of ed mental or physical stress. Both are hazardous for malesso and see it affect his performance in bedcareer, related tensions, relationship issues, financial problems with better it can cause stress to affect males potencytoo, much screening, lifestyle that changes, eating and sleeping timingsregularly causes physical stress and also deteriorate. The potency depression can cause that, even if male is comfortable in bed and ready to make love the treatments recommended for depression also cause ed performance anxiety arises when male fails the time the but few failures make a male overtly worried and he eager to perform and satisfy his partner. This extra worry causes, anxiety and brings more failures performance.

Anxiety is also one of the common causes of bed. Low self esteem also affect the males potency by dropping his libido males, not very satisfied with them or low on self esteem and perform in bed with less failures in career or losing bodily fitness in shape make them less confident in deteriorate their performance in bed.

Apart from these, there can be few or psychological causes, like fear, guilt or fear of pregnancy, etc, which can lower a male’s drive and bring frequent episodes of edit is very difficult for anymail to distinguish ed triggered by physical or psychological causes.

Problems at home here are a few useful tips to cure a psychological or reptile. This function, effectively deep breathing. This take stress, anxiety and depression out in bed-inhale slowly, but people are counting up to five hold their breath and exhale counting up to five. This process, relieve stress and anxiety and don’t go side effects of dustfreshman to allow you gel with environment this, is one of the easy tips to cure a psychological or uptown to function meditation. This is one of the trusted ways how to cure or psychological or reptile dysfunctionregular meditation for ten to fifteen minutes, helpsovercoming anxiety and depression, and also provides a male ability to control. Negative thoughts on this is one of the most effective ways to come out of performance anxiety by suppressing apprehensions. Yoga. There are a few yoga poses which, when performed with breastscontrol, help in taking out negative energy out of mind and bodythese, this rush more blood towards brain and help in bringing mental clarity and calmness to overcome psychological problemsregular yoga. Also helpstreatment of bed caused by psychological problems, improve your self esteem. There are a few ways with which males can improve low self esteem. Take down your positive than context of your relationship or partneralso. Think about the incidents where you reactedsundin intelligently, whether you were admired for that or notsuch practices, help in improving low self esteem and diluting psychological causes of ed. If these techniques do not work, use a booster capitals and mass new toy, our most reliable ways how todear, psychological or uptown dysfunctionbooster capsules come with her. That balance. For my know, if decrease in in previews hormones and expelled harmful hormones from the system, balanced release of healthy hormones in suppression of harmful ones, promote healthy brain function.


Viagra, cialis, these are safe in properly selected patient and can impact fully improve erectile function if used correctly. So, looking at those baseline tests and lifestyle changes medications to augmentation to sexual function can all be helpful for man who’s struggling with this challenging and very common concern.

The treatment has become very effective in the last ten years. that are many drugs which are available which increase the retrofit to the venus and it can be taken on demand. these drugs are safe and very effective by any chance.

If these tablets do not work then there are other options. For example, a drug which can be injected into the penis by the patient himself and you can try them too. Consult to doctor before taking any of the medications to be safe.

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