Just 5 Strawberries A Day What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty Detoxifies Your Body

Introduction Of Just 5 Strawberries A Day What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty Detoxifies Your Body

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The first benefit of 5 strawberries a day I consume it either tomorrow after lunch as a dessert or after dinner if you ask me I’ll tell you why I eat a piece of fruit or a piece of fruit for dessert or little else that I have sugar I do not consume sweets or desserts or plans or puddings or very sweet things because it accumulates the sugar so take advantage of the strawberry is a fruit that will take away the anxiety to eat sweet and that will improve the first benefit of the strawberry then what is it for because the strawberry it is so important it contains an incredible and an incredible amount of potassium there many people.


FORBIDDEN FOODS Foods That Raise Sugar and Cause Diabetes

Who consume potassium in capsules consume potassium every day as if it were a pill that can be consumed that way easily and is not true because potassium can build up in the blood and can cause future problems to be careful if you want to consume potassium or I suggest you do it on the green leafy vegetables and the strawberries 5 strawberries per day he will make sure that you can have the action with potassium that you may have to be consuming circulation in the heart and the pressure.

It is going to be lowered in excellent condition

Because it is going to be lowered in excellent condition so no forget potassium in strawberries here I have an interesting question that They just asked, don’t forget to leave your questions, I’m going to go to them. answering, he says Nemesio chaste, the doctor asks me, the strawberry has Trichina or bugs and it should not be consumed, will that be true dear Nemesio It turns out that the strawberry has bugs but in reality, they are bacteria they are not trichina or other types of parasites now there is a very important way to wash the strawberry and that strawberry should be washed as follows because it already had that question that a little while.

I have been seeing the question and I am going to answer the strawberry should be washed as follows first when you buy it They place it in water, they leave it in water to soak and there they are going to place three-four drops of chlorine or in other countries, it is said for example the same in the same chlorine phrase used to bleach that same these same drops are placed in the water is left soaking between the strawberry and washes properly once it has been rinsed for more or more at least five minutes he grabs the strawberry one by one they wash it with his hand they remove. Read More Just 5 Strawberries A Day What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty Detoxifies Your Body.

It the green part and it’s no more, it was washed that way, so don’t worry only bacteria and with that, you eliminate them the second benefit of the strawberry there is something spectacular about the strawberry and is that it can combat the three different types of greater damages that are caused in the human body first cholesterol second gout or uric acid accumulates and third the sugar if you consume five strawberries a day will be fighting the three most important points that have to do with blood so make the most of consuming company to lower the acid uric and above all the benefit that is now to be revealed uric acid prevents gout from forming and everything it says Regarding the health of the kidneys, the strawberry is spectacular, here I have another interesting question.

We have to consume organically and that It is practically very difficult

That just happened to me let’s answer it he tells me and icv Alicia or Galicia must be Eva Liz it is already true that pesticides ruin it completely darling Eva not only ruin strawberry they ruin all foods that today we have to consume organically and that It is practically very difficult to find there is a article that I am going to publish recently in a few days it is about the genes the genetically modified foods really important that it is worth for all of you to know Fabiola Contreras asks me, doctor, potassium in kidney patients not good true correct patients should not consume a lot of potassium kidney because.

They accumulate it in the blood and can cause problems in the future number 4 fourth benefit of strawberry the strawberry contains an incredible amount of fiber is what will give us volume to our stools to go to the bathroom every day so if you have constipation problems digestive constipation of any kind the strawberry will help them and for incredible that it looks like the first cousin of the strawberry that is the blueberry I recommend nowadays even doctors recommend the blooper for constipation because it contains an incredible amount of fibers and little girl as you see it has a lot of fiber it would not seem but it is so true just like strawberry.

So I strawberry every day to go to the bathroom so natural and well done here I have another interesting question that I just got come on let’s answer tell me here Anderson Trejo asks me, doctor, what now is the best time to eat them and what is the correct way to clean them Well dear before, how to clean them I already answered you a little bit ago how should I eat personally as I liked to eat the andantes I loved eating the strawberries the meringue well done and what a delight with strawberry better still what richer thing but to me how the years go by it is given realize that it is not good to load the body with a lot of sugar then basically.

I do not add sugar I do absolutely nothing so simple

I consume the strawberry directly washed and cut more I do not add sugar I do absolutely nothing so simple how there is the strawberry the strawberries are consumed as it comes there is only make you number 55 fifth benefit of strawberry is an excellent source of vitamin c vitamin c is a vitamin that all of you should be consuming for skin for hair for oxidation for liver for kidneys for circulation for wrinkles for collagen formation name the defenses the problem we are seeing today for anything and strawberry has an incredible amount of vitamin c strawberries citrus oranges lemons and everything they can consume of vitamin is going to missing.

So always consume what you can if you need something organic natural look for the ultra c milk the file and the ultra 6000 the fire that is specifically designed for that and is organic, not synthetic like most the other supplements that can be consumed the sixth benefit of the strawberry to see if we end here folic acid has a substance that is magic called folic acid folic acid participates of blood formation therefore if you consume strawberry as red as the once you will have red blood as you want and also pregnant women who need folic acid should consume strawberry because otherwise, the child born with defects born with an opening in the back called spina bifida.

Where the spine opens and the child’s spine is seen and is common in people

Where the spine opens and the child’s spine is seen and is common in people who do not eat fruits and do not consume folic acid so strawberries every day and seventh benefits we already have more still the seventh benefit of the strawberry here I have one more question with a question quickly ask Alva Murillo and Fabiana o little me The same question of all diabetics can consume it if the can consume diabetics can consume all those vegetables that do not contain a lot of sugar so strawberries blueberry lemon no orange.

The orange is very sweet et cetera et cetera Vicky if you ask me, doctor, can you consume it in clear juice yes better still fabulous oh how delicious the strawberry and the strawberry in the form of juice one Wonder in the form of a dessert better yet 7th benefit of strawberry It turns out that the strawberry is like a strawberry that exists that we have all eaten contains three minerals important for bones calcium magnesium and potassium three minerals that will make the bones identify themselves and that women who are suffering from menopause now they can take advantage of to last.

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