Parsley Tea Fasting What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty

Introduction Of Parsley Tea Fasting What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty

Parsley Tea Fasting What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty. What is the use of how it has to be prepared to take advantage of 100% so a big greeting here to Lucinda Torres from Peru she tells me she says the rosary she says to betty pérez Viviane bonfire Christina maría sadness I have there Maritz a Linares Flavia domínguez be staged to Susana Campos bad Miriam par car always present do not forget to leave your questions in this I will answer them, we will do everything possible to advance as much as we can because this game is truly spectacular and very similar to the benefits of this play is the?

Investigate those foods do not eat those toxic foods

The article that I publish today at noon is I recommend you go and see that article what and what are the foods that you are going to destroy your blood pressure and they’ll have you 10 years from now with heart problems go and investigate those foods do not eat those toxic foods rather take a good parsley juice on an empty stomach to improve this and many other health cases not only that below the screen and a little button that says join or join where you can be part of this beautiful community do not forget.

That the only cost is to like this article nothing more I don’t currently do it for the entire article so let’s start number 1 juice of parsley on an empty stomach because it has to be on an empty stomach because parsley juice especially for an important reason well there are several truths but one of the reasons and the first is that it contains 3 that are fabulous and that does not find a lot in other foods, let’s review which are the first of they is vitamin a parsley juice a cup of parsley juice contains 108 percent of all the vitamin A you need for your site for your liver for your detox to make sure you the retina is not damaged and so that you without even realizing.


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It is losing your eyesight little by little second vitamin listen well this vitamin k one cup of parsley contains 500 93% I am not talking about 5% we are talking about 500 96% of what you need and will use daily of vitamin K in a cup of parsley juice and what is vitamin k for so many things first law keeps bones strong and healthy second makes sure your blood does not clot or every time you cut it immediately you healing and that just in case everything at any moment we are bleeding just in case you don’t know our circulation has small ingredients.

The arteries and immediately have to come to a clot heal it

That are cutting the arteries and immediately have to come to a clot heal it so that it makes us a health problem and third vitamin that has that cup of parsley and that game is going to be taken on an empty stomach vitamin c 53% vitamin c daily with only the house of parsley nor even with the lemon that we should normally consume every day a glass of water with lemon every morning a cup of parsley on an empty stomach vitamin c you already know what antioxidant anti liver cancer is for diabetes high-pressure nerves relax rest etcetera etcetera etcetera a countless benefits here I have a question from Asia that they just asked me.

Let’s answer that question, Carla Contreras asks me here, Doctor. It is true, here it is, there is a message that doctor, it is true that it serves to clean the womb after childbirth dear Carla is It is true for that but be careful, as it is used to clean a womb can also do a lot of harm if there is a pregnant woman, by the way, the only contraindication and this I truly suggest check well I’m not pregnant ok he together with marc parsley juice can cause serious problems in pregnancy and is not worth consuming during pregnancy apart from that the parsley can not consume when you want for the kidneys liver eyes all the vitamins that. Read More Parsley Tea Fasting What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty. Like It Parsley Tea Fasting What’s It Good For Benefits For Your Health And Beauty.

I just name are in parsley and can be used for that after childbirth spectacular parsley juice cleanses the uterus ensures that a good cleaning and detoxification of all substances that may remain in the uterus does it wonderfully third benefit second benefit third o fourth if you want since we must lift and sheets third benefit of parsley juice cancer if, at any time they have listened well this if in some then they have a relative either grandfather grandmother father mother siblings at some point have suffered some kind cancer, whatever cancer it is, it does not matter what cancer it is. parsley juice, because parsley juice has fabulous anti-oxidative stress, first of all, contains vitamin here already name contains vitamin c apart makes.

The kidney can make its cleaning and removing all the ingredients

The kidney can make its cleaning and removing all the ingredients that are going to accumulate as oxidation or as substances that in the long run will damage cells and will create cancer so parsley juice every day a cup a glass in the morning at the time they want by the way the juice of parsley in the form of soda is delicious I don’t know if they ever have taken is a very nice soda worth consuming because it is very very healthy third quarter I already lost count fourth benefit of parsley juice, here I have another interesting question.

Come on let’s answer before that maría josé Escobar in question doctor parsley indeed sterilizes dear maria Jose again can cause problems in pregnancy to the point that it can cause you so much harm to the woman that you have to remove the womb and it can be very serious as they say the consequences with poisonings and even infections in the uterus so do not consume parsley when pregnant is the only contraindication a very important contraindication fourth benefit of parsley juice and that.

It is worth it that you use it a lot our heart the heart is the first cause of death in the world first cause followed by cancer and diabetes the heart is favored impressively with the parsley juice especially because it contains Folate is a vitamin that reduces a substance called homocysteine ​​in the blood is a substance that can damage circulation and can also damage the liver and let’s not forget that apart from all this it makes the kidneys can do a bone cleaning lowers the volume of water and the heart becomes relieves because the less water and the less blood you have in circulation less effort you have to do to pump the blood watch out for pressure arterial and I tell them again and they have not seen.

The noon article where he spoke about foods that will cause and destroy your blood pressure

The noon article where he spoke about foods that will cause and destroy your blood pressure and your heart go and see that article go and see give him like not serving in this article and the other vital Lynda asks me doctor decided to lower the pressure because if it helps me dear pretty and talks about that number 5 second Benneth 5th benefit of parsley or parsley juice in fasting turns out that parsley juice is an excellent cleanser and kidney purifier besides that it is a diuretic so what happens with the kidney receives the parsley and uses it to make a cleaning does with a cross in urine what has to be eliminated that hurts in oxidation remember cancer all.

That has vitamin c cleans the kidney and is a diuretic lowering the amount of water we have accumulated in the body and the fluids we have lowers pressure and the heart will resist breathing because it has less pressure to pump less effort and obviously you do not have to be struggling and fighting a pressure that later it’s going to make you sick and completely lift your circulation so parsley juice every morning regulates her pressure Karla pérez me The authors wonder was that it can be made in tea or juice or either of the two dear Carlos can be done either way now if you are going to make juice do not forget that the substances you have are not yet degraded by heat.

If you make it in the form of tea once you grass or parsley boils all the substances that parsley has will degrade or will degrade amino acids vitamins phytonutrients and tea has less effect than juice but either way it still works the same it has substances much less than a side but it still works here I have another interesting question that just happened since we are going to answer it a little bit, the sixth benefit of parsley and it is a benefit that you all should use it always keeps our urinary tract because the bacteria we have are antibacterial that protect us obviously combat found that it is that harm us those bacteria that harm us can climb up through our urethra whether male or female and cause an infection.

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