Your HEART is at RISK DO NOT IGNORE Signs That Your Heart Is Calling For Help or Sick

Introduction Of Your HEART is at RISK DO NOT IGNORE Signs That Your Heart Is Calling For Help or Sick

Your HEART is at RISK DO NOT IGNORE Signs That Your Heart Is Calling For Help or Sick. What is the disease that you are most likely to suffer Have you ever been asked about the disease with which you have most often seen in the population are heart disease all that is tied to the circulatory system the heart organ itself and blood pressure are what The most common thing you see today, the most important thing is to know exactly if you you are getting sick before the problem can become serious from so that in the article show how you can tell if you ever are getting heart disease and how to reverse.

It to avoid worse problems of health Kind regards

It to avoid worse problems of health Kind regards, everything is translated for you landívar naturopath acupuncturist doctor conventional and founder doctor landívar dotcom in this comedy channel conventional treatments for 100 through natural medicine the homeopathy and acupuncture before resorting to the use of pharmaceutical drugs therefore if we have the channel consider subscribing and press the bell below to receive notifications and be the first to see the new article if you need an online consultation or quality supplements for your ill visit doctor landívar dot com and what want until the end of the article shortly tips and articles related to this topic many people do not know that. Read More About Your HEART is at RISK DO NOT IGNORE Signs That Your Heart Is Calling For Help or Sick.

The greatest risk they are suffering is precisely heart disease the heart is the first organ to begin to fail especially when we have a bad diet or a bad lifestyle or We practically do not do any type of physical exercise that is where they begin to appear the signs that tell us what is coming close to us heart disease that we could have prevented begins to appear fragility of the hands when squeezing this begins to look like the pain of molars many times the numbness of arms and countless signs that today I am going to reveal to you what they indicate that you are probably going to have in the future a problem with the heart so that in the national article.

Which are the most important things that indicate that you may be having or you are going to have a problem with your heart to avoid worse health problems Before continuing, do not forget that every day at noon and 4 the afternoon now Miami posted an article for you two subjects spectacularly healthy so that you get the most out of it that you can and can do with that your life and that of your family internally in your home is the best and healthiest possible said.

The extremities the further away from the heart

That before continuing we forget to lay article and Let’s continue number one little strength in the hands curiously the people who have low hand strength may be having or will have a problem with our hearts we often forget that blood pressure and circulation throughout the body has exactly its weakest part in the extremities the further away from the heart they are our limbs less irrigation and less strength we can have if that is the case this may be a sign that the heart is not pumping what enough your pressure may be too low or there is a circulatory problem that can be found in the veins or arteries leading to those extremities.

If you do not have strength in your hands be very careful that could be a sign of a future heart problem that you should be keeping an eye on or at least making sure you’re doing everything you can so that doesn’t happen I recommend you start exercising start eating food healthier and do your best to get your circulatory system working sooner than later it is too late if I need a quality supplement to make sure the system your circulatory system can function as it really should be, look for the on cardio the hares out and he appeals s the file at doctor landívar point number 2 mole on the nails to any person that one mentions that they may have moles on their nails finds.


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It even a little weird those little moles are just little drops of blood that may appear on the tips of the nails or on the entire nail many times to signal that the heart may be having a problem the called endocarditis is an infection with a bacteria carried out internally in the heart and that can be reflected on the nails with the photos that you are just seeing if you get to experience those spots on your nails you are four times more likely to suffer or heart problems or diabetes if you experience it be very careful because there is still time to start exercising eating a diet healthy and make sure your circulation can truly work pay close attention.

Can stay healthy as you want it to look for the can factors

Because those little signals are going to indicate that in the future this health problem may appear if I need quality supplements to make sure the hair skin can stay healthy as you want it to look for the can factors in doctor landívar dotcom number 3 dizziness when the person experience dizziness that may mean that there may be two conditions that are having their extension over the body the first of them may have something to do with the famous cochlea a part of the ear that is responsible for our balance and that our body can have a true balance on the floor that we are treading and the second a deficiency or a lack of circulation of our heart.

If we do not get enough oxygen through the circulation and the heart to the brain begin to appear problems of dizziness in many times we will have to avoid if you, for example, get up in the morning in a rough way from the bed of a chair or any other place and feel dizzy that you normally shouldn’t have that is a sign that your heart is not pumping enough or your circulation is not working as it should if you feel that dizziness I suggest you burn a consultation with your doctor check and see if your circulation is truly working and make sure your heart is in full force necessary to function better safe than sorry and these symptoms that.

We have in general should not have a red color in the same unit

I am revealing to you and in this article, they are very important because they become the leading cause of death worldwide number 4 bleeding gums that we have in general should not have a red color in the same unit that they have with our teeth if that is happening you are likely having a bacterial infection or an infection of any other type that can enter the bloodstream will reach the heart for those who do not know the bacteria that we can find in our mouths can reach our hearts through circulation blood enters precisely through those wounds that we have in the gums such sometimes due to bleeding gums, poor hygiene.

That we may have and lack of vitamins, which is often the case, reaching the heart by staying in the heart valves and causing an infection tends to be very serious about health be very careful with your oral health pay attention that your gums are healthy and take some vitamin to make sure they are not bleeding at any point in their life To prevent your gums from ever bleeding, take one vitamin a multivitamin that has everything you need to clot any injury immediately and you do not have to suffer after a heart problem that no longer has a solution if you need a supplement of quality multivitamin that has all the vitamins and minerals plus 42 fruit and vegetable extracts to improve your health integrates into the body.

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